• Fluid Power Engineering

    • Equipments: Impact of Jet Appartus, Pelton wheel turbine, Reciprocating Pump, Francis Turbine, Two stage Reciprocating Compressor

    • Functions: :To Understand about Impact of jet on Plates, Working and calculation of different criteria for Turbines, Pump and compressor
  • DOM Lab

    • Equipments:Universal Vibration Apparatus, Static and Dynamic Balancing Apparatus, Whirling of Shaft Apparatus

    • Functions:To study about different types of vibrations, To learn about balancing of unbalance rotating masses and to study vibration effect on rotating shaft.
  • TOM Lab

    • Equipments:Gyroscope, Universal Governor Apparatus

    • Functions:To study about gyroscopic effect on rotating bodies like propeller or wheels (Aeroplane, Ship, 2 Wheeler etc..), To study about different types of governors which are used to control supply of fuel according to vehicle speed.

    • Equipments: Vice, hammer, anvil, spanners, screw drivers, files, G.I. Sheets, planer, rib saw, die, tap, welding machine etc.

    • Functions: To prepare different jobs like carpentry, fitting, tin smithy, welding, pipe fitting, spot welding etc.

    • Equipments: Model of various engines, boilers, coupling, clutch, brakes, power transmission elements etc.

    • Functions: To study about working of boiler, I.C. engine, power transmission system etc.
  • MP LAB

    • Equipments : Lathe machine, shaper machine, milling machine, grinding machine, drilling machine etc.

    • Functions: To know about various operation of lathe machine, milling machine, grinding machine, drilling machine etc.

    • Euipments: Linear measurement instrument such as Vernier caliper, micrometer, height gauge, angular measurement instrument such as sine bar, bevel protractor, slip gauge spirit level, velocity measurement devices such as stroboscope, tachometer, temperature measuring instrument such as thermocouple, thermometer etc

    • Functions : To know about measurement of linear, angular, velocity, temperature, pressure, gear measurement, screw thread measurement, etc.

  • FM LAB

    • Euipments: Pitot Tube Venturimeter apparatus Reynold’s apparatus Pressure Measurement apparatus Orifice meter apparatus Pipe fitting apparatus Metacentric height apparatus.

    • Functions : To understand about various flow, pressure, and velocity measuring devices.