Departmental Laboratories

  • Elements of Electrical Engineering Laboratory (EEE)

    • Equipments:R-L-C load measurement, R-L-C resonance, 1-Phase & 3-Phase power measurement, Digital Clamp, On Meter Star & Delta verification Ohm’s Law, Kirchhoff’s Law Earthing & Protective Device, Staircase, wiring Lux Meter

  • Basic Electronics Laboratory(BE)

    • Equipments:C. R. O., Function Pulse Generator(2 MHz), Digital Multimeter, Opamp inverting and non-inverting Kit, opamp integrator kit, pulse amplitude modulation demodulation trainer, Digital Logic Gates Kit, 4 bit full adder substraction kit, Demorgans theorem kit, NAND gate as universal gate kit, Encoder Decoder trainer kit, VI Characteristics of Zener diode.

  • Signal and System Laboratory (SS)

    • Equipments : Test Signal Generator,Power Supply, Type-0, 1, 2 control system, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope , Digital Storage Cathode Ray Oscilloscope , Function Generator.

  • Circuit Networks

    • Equipments : Thevenins Theorem Trainer, Reciprocity Theorem Trainer, Millmans Theorem Trainer, Supperposition Theorem, Max Power Transfer Theorem, Overall ABCD Parameters, H parameters, ABCD Parameters, Nortons Theorem Trainer, Measurement of Power and Power Factor in RLC Circuit, Time domain response of 1st order RL and RLC Circuit Trainer, Time Response of second order linear circuit.

  • Micro Processor

    • Equipments : Input Interface Module(Model:MC01) ,ADC/DAC Module(Model:MC02), Computer Interface module(Model:MC03), Motor Drive Module(Model: MC05), Real Time clock model(MC08), Display & Switch Module(Model: MC10), PWM Based voltage regulator(Model: MC17), Advanced 8086 Microprocessor kit(Model :5586), Microprocessor Kit(Model:5585), 8253 Programmable Internal Timer (Model:EM01), 8155 Programmable I/O Timer (Model:EM02), 8255 Programmable peripheral Interface (Model:EM03), 8251 Programmable commutation Interface, 8257 Programmable DMA Controller.


    • Euipments: Linear measurement instrument such as Vernier caliper, micrometer, height gauge, angular measurement instrument such as sine bar, bevel protractor, slip gauge spirit level, velocity measurement devices such as stroboscope, tachometer, temperature measuring instrument such as thermocouple, thermometer etc

    • Functions : To know about measurement of linear, angular, velocity, temperature, pressure, gear measurement, screw thread measurement, etc.

  • Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments

    • Euipments: Strain gauge, Temp. Transducer, LVDT, Maxwell's Bridge, Anderson's Bridge, De-Sautey Bridge, Wein Bridge, Whestone Bridge, Owen's Bridge, Heys Bridge, Kelvins Double Bridge, Water Level measurement, humidity management.

  • Electrical Machines Laboratory:

    • Euipments: Cut section of DC motor Cut section of AC induction motor, Synchronisation Control Panel, Digital Techometer, Starter, Synchronous motor, D. C. motor (shunt, series and compound motor), D.C. generator, Transformer, Alternator, Load (Resistive, inductive), Watt meter, Auto Transformer Starter, Phase Sequence Indicator.

  • Power Electronics :

    • Euipments: Gate/Base driver circuit trainer, rectifier trainer, Servo motor drive (A-kit, B- servo motor), Device Characteristics Trainer(A-kit panel box, B,C &D- 3 Multimeters), Step down & Step up chopper trainer(A- kit, B - 12V DC motor), inverter trainer, microcontroller based 3 phase induction motor drive(A - kit panel, B - 1HP induction motor), Universal motor drive(A - kit, B - 230 V, 50W, 8600rpm), Stepper motor drive (A - kit, B - 2.8A Stepper motor).

  • Analog Electronics Laboratory (AE)

    • Euipments: Op Amp inverting kit, Op Amp Non-Inverting kit, Op amp Differentiator kit, Op amp integrator kit, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Digital Storage Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Op amp trainer kit, 555 trainer kit, Multiplexer kit, Function generator, Power supply..

  • High Voltage Engineering

    • Euipments: 62.5mm Sphere gap Assembly, Water resistance, 3 type electrodes,60kV Oil Test Kit,Electrolytic Tank, Multimeter, 50kV AC/70kV DC Testing set(A - Transformer, B - Control Panel, C - Rectifier Filter), 50kV HV Capacitance divider (1000:1), 70kV HV Resistance divider (1000:1), 10kV Horn Gap Appratus.

  • Analog Electronics

    • Euipments: Op-Amp Trainer kit, 555- Trainer kit, Transistor Trainer kit, Digital Multimeter, Oscilloscope, Dual power supply, Function Generator, Op-Amp Trainer kit.

  • Switch Gear & Protection

    • Euipments: Radial feeder protection panel, Micro controller based IMDT over current relay panel, Different protection 3 phase transformer

  • Basic Electrical Engineering

    • Euipments: Single Phase Variac 10A, 270 V, 3 Phase Variac 15A, 470 V, 1 Phase Transformer 1 KVA, DC Power Supply 0-30 V, Analog Multimeter, Rheostat 360 ohm, 1.7 A, Rheostat 50 ohm, 5 A, Lamp Load, 1 Phase 250V, 2KW, Lamp Load, 3 Phase 430V, 5KW, Variable Choke Coil, 3 Phase 10A, 415 V, Digital Multi meter, DC Voltmeter PMMC type 300V, DC Voltmeter PMMC type 600V, DC Ammeter PMMC type 300 mA, DC Ammeter PMMC type 500 mA, AC Voltmeter MI Type 150V, AC Voltmeter MI Type 300V, AC Ammeter MI Type 10 Amp, Wattmeter 1 Phase, 750 W, 10 A, 600 V, Power Factor Meter, 5 Amp, 250 V, Variable Inductor 10A 1 phase, Resistive Load 3 phase 5kW.

  • Digital Elecronics

    • Euipments: Flip-Flop Trainer Kit, ADC/DAC Trainer Kit, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Logic Gate Trainer kit, Encoder and Decoder Trainer kit, Combinational Logic Trainer kit.